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Recent Projects

Clinical Trials Management System architected by 3C Company for Schering-Plough, This large system is used by nearly 1000 Clinical Research Associates worldwide. Over 100 different screens provide functions from early study cost & resource planning to patient tracking and trip reports through site closeout.

Grants Payment Management System designed and built by 3C Company to plan, track & forecast investigator costs in Europe, this system is now marketed as a software package known as PharmaPay. Study monitoring activities are tracked and used to automate payment calculations and requests.

Corporate Intranet Development as part of a team to build an ongoing content network for internal communication between all research areas including Clinical, Regulatory, Discovery, Finance and Development Operations.

The global nature of Clinical Research means your study teams are dispersed around the world. Effective communications can be a challenge, and 3C has found internal corporate intranets to be a critical tool in this effort. Find out how 3C Company helped one global pharma grow its intranet from scattered departmental efforts into a professionally conceived and executed corporate strategy.


Web Study Tracking System
built by 3C Company to track patient and site study progress. Plans are imported from MS Project, and actual completion of milestones is captured and compared to a baseline. A management dashboard highlights problem areas of the study.

Software Patent Documentation developed by 3C Company to support patent applications. Under tight deadlines complete documentation was produced for a production system.







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