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The nature of Clinical Research makes budgeting and tracking of study costs extremely challenging. As studies are delayed or priorities shift, the annual research budget remains fixed. Find out how 3C Company has emerged as the leading force in providing major pharma with systems and solutions to plan, forecast, track and manage clinical trial costs.


Business Processes

3C Company was engaged by the Research Finance department of a large pharmaceutical company in late 1997 to conduct a Business Process Re-engineering study of its Clinical payment processes. This effort identified several opportunities for improvements through automation, kindling the flames for what today are the Pillar, PIMS and Grants Management System projects among others. The study took roughly 4 months to complete, and did not exceed its original budget of $30,000.

Budgetting & Forecasting

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The IPMS system was originally developed by 3C as a software package, with its first client the France subsidiary of a large pharmaceutical company. This office needed to replace an older version of CTMS by DLB, due to Y2K issues. Written in Visual Basic and using Oracle as the database, an emphasis was placed on integrating with PROSIT without impacting it in any way. The new application was implemented on time and for the originally promised amount, with functionality exceeding the original design and prototype. Some 30 users now manage their clinical trial costs with this system, and 3C Company adds another successful project to its repertoire.

Cost Reduction

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